Working at Eugène Cloutier

To be part of the Eugène Cloutier team is to enjoy working
with your hands and cultivate pride in making quality products.

Here, it's like a big family where the human dimension comes first.

The owners make it their business to take care of the people in their employ.

Eugene Cloutier

The advantages
Eugene Cloutier

Competitive wages
Deferred Profit Sharing Plan
Work-family flexibility
Daytime working
Friday afternoon off possible
Closed between Christmas and New Year's
Free parking

A thriving business

In more than 75 years, Eugène Cloutier has grown to become a reference in the manufacture of moccasins, mukluks, and slippers. The company is recognized for its expert team and the quality of its products made from noble materials. In addition, it is known for its competitive prices, its outstanding customer service, and its prompt deliveries.

Eugene Cloutier
Eugene Cloutier

A brief history

In 1945, Mr. Fernand Cloutier founded the company and named it after his father, Eugène Cloutier, who was mayor of Saint-Émile from 1943 to 1945. The beginnings were modest; Mr. Cloutier worked hard with his children and remained active in the company until the age of 83. Growth was constant. In 2005, Mr. Cloutier bequeathed the business to his children, and several years later, in 2014, they sold it to Luc Lauzon and Guillaume Deschênes, the current owners. The Cloutier family’s wish to keep jobs in the region was thus fulfilled.

Job opportunities

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Job as a seamstress

Full time / Part time
Seamstress needed for a company that manufactures boots and moccasins. We are looking for a seamstress to manufacture moccasins in a pleasant work environment. Meticulous person.

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A cheerful team




Employed since 2021

How were you welcomed in the company?

Very well, even though I couldn’t speak the language. II had applied elsewhere, but they didn’t take my application because I didn’t speak French. Here, all the employees helped me and I was able to integrate easily. We communicate through a translation application on my smartphone, so I can learn French at my own pace.

What kind of work do you do?

I am a seamstress, I sew fur on the slippers (I love it, it’s soft!)

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like listening to music and taking walks. I also love to cook with my children and try new recipes.

Who is your favourite French-speaking artist?

Lara Fabian.



Employed since 2005

How would you describe the work atmosphere?

It’s a truly pleasant atmosphere where you feel that people are important.

What is your favorite Laurentian Chief product?

I love all the products, they are all beautiful and of high quality. Come to think of it, I have a soft spot for the mukluks (the moccasin boots with fur).

Do you have a personal passion?

Yes, I am a sports fan. I train, hike and ride my bike. I need to move!




Employed since 2012

In one or two words, how would you describe Eugene Cloutier - Laurentian Chief?

Close-knit team.

Why do you like working at Eugene Cloutier - Laurentian Chief?

It’s a multifaceted job because there are several tasks to perform. It’s a good thing I like to learn, and I like to sew.

What motivates you to work at Eugene Cloutier - Laurentian Chief?

I love what I do and at the end of the day I am satisfied and proud of what I have achieved.

How would you describe the working atmosphere?

It’s really enjoyable to come to work. There is a nice atmosphere, and everyone is in a good mood. Also, when something doesn’t seem to be working, there’s always someone to find a solution.

On a personal level, what is your favorite hobby?

I love cooking with my children.



Employed since 2002

What motivates you to work at Eugene Cloutier - Laurentian Chief?

The owners of the company are really kind. And everyone is getting on well. You arrive and leave in a good mood. In short, I feel like I’m having fun while I’m working.

Why do you like working at Eugene Cloutier - Laurentian Chief?

It's a great team, it's like a big family here.

How would you describe the work atmosphere?

Very pleasant. When I started, I was welcomed and made to feel at ease straight away. Here, they know how to train new employees.

In one or two words, how would you describe Eugene Cloutier - Laurentian Chief?

Lovely family.

On a personal level, do you have a passion?

Yes, my pets. I have a dog and three cats.

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  • 65


    in the factory

  • 30


    working from home

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